one of the finest mosques in India

A real open-air museum dating back to the Deccan’s Islamic era, dusty Bijapur (since 2014 Vijapura, in Karnataka) tells tales 600 years old. Rich of fortifications, palaces, mausoleums and mosques was the capital of the Adil Shahui dynasty, from 1489 to 1686.

Jamai Masjid is considered one of the finest mosques in India. The well proportioned building was constructed by Ali Adil Shah I (1557-80). It sprawls over an area of about 10.800 sq.m and has graceful arches, a imposant dome and a large inner courtyard with room for 2250 worshippers. The Mosque’s sacred Mihab is inscribed with Lines from the Holy Koran painted in gold. This inscription was completed in 1676 by Malik Yakut, under the orders of Sultan Muhammad Adil Shah.


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