He looks like a guru, and indeed he is, this maestro of modern architecture. Michele de Lucchi in addition to being the author of spectacular architectural projects that maintain the honor of the Italian genius in the world, is also a great designer. To our question on how he differs the architect’s thought from the designer’s one he responds that “The theme is the life of man. The “where” and “how”. Architecture and design are two things that interpenetrate and creation is the art of directing. The good outcome is the result of the encounter of different energies.” The companies for which De Lucchi designs furniture and objects are not many, his recent collections are made for “Private Production” which refers to his MDL Studio. They are not too particular or strange objects, they are beautiful things in the most absolute sense. In an era of uncertainty and continuous transformation, de Lucchi’s projects in wood, glass and metal gain value and beauty with age. And over time leave their mark as the “Tolomeo” lamp designed for Artemide. The best selling desk lamp in the world.

1The studio of Michele de Lucchi, star of contemporary architecture is structured on three floors of a building located in artist’s area in Milan, on the borders of Brera. In the rooms there is the scent of the natural wood in the ceilings and floors. A vital space where, as in an art gallery, wooden models of his projects are to be found.

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