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BARNUM’s editorial staff have been commissioned to recruit actors for a new edition of the film The Name of the Rose – from the novel by Umberto Eco (1980) – whose original version was directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud (1986).
For the role of the librarian Jorge of Burgos, the actor who appears in the photo has been found – photo taken during an audition – and who wants to remain anonymous, pending further developments. Yet to be fully identified are the roles of William of Baskerville, originally played by Sean Connery, Adso of Melk, Pacificus of Tivoli and Bernardo Gui.

BARNUM is considering scheduling a special version of Max Factor for the identification and engagement of the actors and the extras, and is also seeking any surviving copy of Poetica, Aristotle’s book on comedy and laughter that scared the librarian so much!

All readers are invited to collaborate in the research by submitting proposals to

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