season sales of the landscape

photographs by Brunella Fratini
words by Massimo Pacifico

Readers of BARNUM already know the work of Brunella Fratini (v. photographer who we defined reporter of dreams.
In the series that follows, Brunella, with her photographs, does not explicit dreamlike digressions, but addresses a specific reality. The one of the beaches “emptied of life of the provincial summers” – as she writes – that seem to share “the secret silence of the sculptures built by children”.
If the scale changes, and the craftsmen are no longer innocent children, the result is LEGO BEACH, the fruit of seaside architectures that leave scars on the landscape victim of the seasonal “mechanism of composition and decomposition”.
A landscape that appears surreal and “sometimes unsettling” and that the photographer feels compelled to document because it shares the discomfort and the scars.



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