one of the most important museums in the Austrian capital
photographs by Massimo Pacifico

The Albertina, which was the main residence of the Habsburgs (inhabited by the daughter of Maria Theresa, the Archduchess Maria Cristina, and by the Archduke Charles, her adopted son) is one of the most important museums in the Austrian capital.
A place where past and present blend together. In 2003, a wing-shaped roof was added to the imperial charm of the building, which dominates the walls of one of Vienna’s last bastions, with sumptuous rooms, partly furnished with period furniture. entrance, designed by the architect Hans Hollein.
The very rich collection was founded in 1776 by the son-in-law of Empress Maria Theresa, Duke Albert of Saxony Teschen, from whom it took its name, and includes more than a million prints and 60,000 drawings.
To these elements was added a collection dedicated to modern masterpieces with works by Picasso, Munch and Modigliani, among others.

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