one of the the most impressive parades in the world

photographs by Karlo Valentini

The Viareggio Carnival is considered among the most important in the world. Allegorical floats, which are unmatched in size and mobility, parade along the promenade in the late winter afternoons, applauded by hundreds of thousands of people. The allegorical works, the result of many months of work, deal with sarcasm, satire and irony, current issues, related to national and international politics, the environment, the community, the world of art and entertainment. The parades (Corsi Mascherati) of 2020 will take place on 1, 9,15,20,23,25 February. Karlo (Carlo) Valentini, adopted citizen of Viareggio, has been photographing parades for over a decade, capturing the unique atmosphere of the Versilia carnival with wit and great sense of space.

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