an art collection started in 1853 by King Ludwig I

photography and notes by Massimo Pacifico

The Neue Pinakothek is one of the most important museums in Munich. Located in the city area, Kunst Aereal, where other important institutions such as the Alte Pinakothek, the Pinakothek der Moderne, the Lembachhaus, the Brandhorst Museum and the Glyptothek are situated and are home to a collection begun in 1853 by Ludwig I. In 1868, when the sovereign died, there were already 418 works on display. The original building was seriously damaged during World War II, and the project for reconstruction is the work of the architect Alexander von Branca. The new structure was inaugurated in 1981.

Today, the collection, dedicated to painters and sculptors who worked in Europe between the end of the eighteenth and early twentieth centuries, includes three thousand paintings and three hundred sculptures. The exhibition shows about three hundred pieces at a time. Twenty-two are the halls that host, in a succession, French, British and Spanish artists such as David, Gainsborough, Hogarth, Constable, Turner and Goya; romantic Germans like Friedrich, Blechen, Overbeck and Spitzweg; sacred monsters such as Delacoix, Corot and Courbet; Impressionists of the likes of Manet, Monet, Degas, Gaugin and van Gogh, Liebermann and Slavona; and Jugendstil symbolists and masters such as Klimt, von Stuck, Munch and Crane. In a non-organic way, sculptures by Canova, Thorwaldsen, Rodin, Klinger and Maillol in sculpture halls also follow.

The photographs of this service were taken on two different occasions (between 12.43 and 13.26 on 18th October 2012, and 17.51 and 19.37 on August 14th, 2015) with the Nikon D700 S / N2238894 and the FS Nikkor 16/35 mm lens. 1.4G ED 266091.

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