the small Reggia of delights of the Bourbon

photographs by Massimo Pacifico

Carlo of Bourbon (1716-1788) King of Naples and the Two Sicilies, wanted the realization of the royal site of Carditello, in the territory of San Tammaro, between the capital and Caserta, to make it a place of delight.
Intended initially as a hunting place, it was converted by Ferdinando IV (1751-1825) into a farm for the breeding of select horses and production of agricultural and dairy products.
The building of the Reggia (around 1770), not too far from that of Caserta was built by Francesco Collecini (1723-1804) student of Luigi Vanvitelli (1700-1770).
In total neglect for many decades, and the victim of repeated looting, the Reggia is now owned by the Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo, which promotes the protection and restoration, and secures, from the 8th January 2017, the opening to the public, by appointment: or 333 7847542.

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