Asia’s greatest and most impressive

photography and notes by Massimo Pacifico

Is the spirituality of the Indians proportional to the amount of flowers that are sold every day in the Mallick Ghat Flower Market in Kolkata? If so, and it probably is, it is not difficult to say that it is unrivaled.

There is no official data or figures, but also the most naive of visitors, the sight of the show, orderly chaotic, which takes place every (holy) morning under the Howrah Bridge, cannot remain indifferent to the grandeur of the unicum.

Quietly, almost silently, tons of flowers, destined to the offerings in the endless temples of the Hindu pantheon of the Bengali metropolis, change hands (or, rather, sacks).

Farmers, porters, traders, and brokers are the protagonists of the scene that is renewed every day with rhythms that contradict the proverbial slowness of India.

 The scenario is run down and the direction is due to the age-old custom, and the success of the performance that can only be defined extraordinary.

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